Cedi Frederick

Date: 21st September 2023

Ep 4

Cedi Frederick on a life and career in service of others, good leadership, the integrated care system and a love of music

Cedi Frederick has held senior leadership positions across the private and public sectors for over 30 years and is currently chair of NHS Kent and Medway.  He’s been named on four occasions as one of Britain’s ‘100 Most Influential Black People’. 

In our conversation we discuss his long and successful career in the health and social care sector and how his motivation to support others comes from his parents who came to Britain from Grenada in 1955. We talk about what good leadership is, being able to experiment and innovate, the challenges for the health system, why creativity is important for our health and wellbeing and how it can be part of the Integrated Care System. 

Cedi gives a great example of local leadership making a huge difference to people’s lives – Eli from Olby’s Creative Hub in Margate – and talks about his own love of music. 

This episode was edited by Penny Bell.


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