Why ‘Creative Health’ Stories?

‘Creative Health’ or ‘Arts and Health’ has been around for a long time and is growing as a global movement. There is much work going on in academia, in policy and at a grassroots level and there is incredible evidence about the benefits of the arts, culture, creativity, design and nature to people’s health and wellbeing.  I’m passionate about sharing this.  I also believe in the power of storytelling to influence people and affect change, and I love audio, podcasts and people!

Through my podcast and audio commissions, I share people’s experience and expertise. Together we convey what ‘creative health’ means to different people and in different contexts; how creativity helps to keep us well at a general, preventative level and how it supports specific health conditions.  We highlight creative practices – professional, amateur and those we can do at home – which are helping to keep us well, and what needs to happen so that more people can benefit from creativity.


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