Daniel Fulvio

Date: 15th November 2023

Ep 9

Daniel Fulvio on his arts career journey, creativity in the queer community and dancing for health

Daniel Fulvio is currently Deputy Director of Audiences (Community) at Rambert contemporary dance company, where he leads the learning and participation programme. Prior to Rambert Daniel’s roles have included leading the participation programme at Camden People’s Theatre and a producer of innovative, new queer performance projects with Opening Doors London and The Albany. He’s also been an award-winning journalist featured in the Guardian and the Times and was Deputy Editor of Attitude magazine.

In this episode Daniel discusses his experiences of bullying at school and how art and performing saved him from this. He describes how as a queer kid growing up in the 90s, who didn’t feel like he fitted in, he used art and culture as a form of escapism.

Daniel also discusses the loss of his brother by suicide as a trigger for helping others through creativity.

We go on to discuss why creativity and expression is important for LGBTQ+ people as a form of empowerment, confidence, creating community and the sharing of ideas with like-minded people.

We chat about the importance of dance, not just for physical health but also for self-expression and connecting through culture. He discusses the work of Rambert, making contemporary dance accessible and practitioner wellbeing. We also chat about Rambert’s pilot work with Greater Manchester Combined Authority on a movement project to support physical development and gross motor skills in early years.

We finish with Daniel sharing the ways he supports his own wellbeing which enables him to continue supporting others.

Rambert – contemporary dance company
Greater Manchester Creative Health Strategy

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This episode was edited by Penny Bell @podcastpenny