Helen Chatterjee

Date: 16th August 2023

Ep 1

Professor Helen Chatterjee on her creative health career, health inequalities and community assets

Helen Chatterjee is a professor of human and ecological health working at the forefront of the creative health movement. She joined me for a conversation about her career journey in creative health from the Zoology Museum at UCL to overseeing a major national programme called ‘Mobilising Community Assets to Tackle Health Inequalities’ led by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.  She talks about giving everyone the opportunity to improve their health creatively, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances. She also explains current health systems; cross sector partnerships and how creative and cultural organisations can be part of them.

More about Helen’s work can be found here: www.ucl.ac.uk/biosciences/culture-nature-health-research


National Centre for Creative Health
Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance
APPG 2017 Creative Health Report
Mobilising Community Assets programme



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