Kiz Manley

Date: 26th October 2023

Ep 11

Kiz Manley on trauma informed Hip Hop, creative writing and using her own experiences to help others

Kiran ‘Kiz’ Manley is the UK’s first Hip Hop Therapist. In 2012 she set up Hip Hop HEALS, a mental health social enterprise that spreads knowledge and research about Trauma-Informed Hip Hop. She hosts and produces her own podcast called ‘Glowwiththeflow’ on therapeutic Hip Hop, offering radical solutions to homelessness and mental ill health. The work stems from her own lived experiences of loss and grief and she now uses this to amplify the voices of others and people powered change to improve health systems. Kiz also works as the ‘Lived Experience and Programme Coordinator’ at UCL for a big research programme called Mobilising Community Assets to Tackle Health Inequalities.

***Please note, in this episode Kiz discusses the loss of her sister in a car crash and the resulting grief and acute trauma responses. She also talks about the loss of her father, how grief is dealt with differently in different cultures and the inequities in the health system faced by global majority people in the UK***

Our conversation covers the whole spectrum of emotions – grief and sadness, but also lots of humour, frustration, happiness and joy.


Kiz shared her experiences in a new book ‘Music for Inclusion and Healing in Schools and Beyond’
Kiz’s own podcast is Glowitheflow and you can watch podcast footage here
Mobilising Community Assets to Tackle Health Inequalities programme

Kiz/Kiran’s LinkedIn

This episode was edited by Penny Bell @podcastpenny