Lynne Parker

Date: 17th November 2023

Ep 8

Lynne Parker on the benefits of comedy for women and in everyday life

Lynne Parker is Founder and CEO of Funny Women, an acclaimed not for profit community for women to build self-confidence and develop their own distinctive voice. Lynne founded Funny Women in 2002 in response to a comedy promoter who told her that ‘women aren’t funny’. She went on to create the Funny Women Awards and, 20 years on, the rest is history. 

Funny Women provides a safe, diverse, creative platform that empowers women to perform, write and use humour in business and everyday life. Lynne describes it as her ‘life’s work’. 

In addition to producing comedy shows and running events, Lynne is a renowned  performance coach encouraging people in business and public life to ‘Stand Up to Stand Out’.  

Lynne and I had a great conversation about how Funny Women came about and the many benefits of comedy for anyone, not just women, including confidence and empowerment, resilience, belonging, courage and validation. 

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Lynne Parker

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