Sian Stevenson

Date: 6th November 2023

Ep 10

Sian Stevenson on her DIY journey into theatre and keeping older women well though movement and performance.

Sian Stevenson is Creative Director of Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company. Sian has worked in theatre, opera and participatory arts for over 30

years. She has extensive experience in applied theatre, with specialist knowledge in movement, inclusivity, and disability. Her work with Moving Memory is focused on the creation and promotion of a distinctive, movement-based, peer-led, collaborative, creative practice which enables people (especially women aged 50+) to tell their own stories and express their individual identity.

In this episode Sian discusses her own rebellious and DIY journey into theatre and performance, teaching, and working freelance. She explains how she learnt that ‘showing off is actually just showing yourself’ and the importance of being allowed to ‘play.’ We talk about why Moving Memory exists; about challenging ageism in society, the fear of getting older and, sharing and celebrating the stories, experiences and creativity of older people through performance.

Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company
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This episode was edited by Penny Bell @podcastpenny